Toni Evans Counseling

About Toni

Antoinette Evans, MA LMFT CMHP

MA Psychology, Children, Couples and Family

I am originally from New York. Born and raised in Brooklyn. I have lived in the Seattle area for 23 years with my
family. As a child, during the summers, I used to visit family living in Seattle; which made it easy for Seattle to become
my home, and allowed me to seek out my dream of becoming a therapist.

For the past three years, I have volunteered as a Clinical Point Person and Big Buddy with Camp Erin. Camp Erin
is a grief and loss camp for children who have lost a loved one. Each year we work with 70 children from the ages
of 6 to 17.  I have personally witnessed the strength and courage of the children who attend camp.  For me, Camp Erin has been a life changing experience. It is my honor to support them.  

When I am not working, I enjoy gardening, shopping, concerts, comedy shows and theater, traveling, spending time with family and food from other cultures. My latest creative outlet is Mixxed Fit, Dance Fitness. I enjoy the combination of dance and toning. An added bonus is that we get to scream and shout during class. The energy is electric, and sometimes it feels good to just have a good scream after a hard day of work. I also enjoy Krav Maga an Israeli martial art. Krav Maga is also a good outlet for stress and being able to protect and defend self.

Get the support you have been looking for, and allow me to assist you in your life goals.
Thank you for visiting my website. Remember, " Know your value and know your values." Toni Evans