Toni Evans Counseling

Child Specialist


                                                                         Collaborative Law is an alternative to the traditional divorce process. Traditional divorce, usually leads to                                                                            litigation in which parents are fighting one another to divide assets as well as custody. Through the                                                                                          Collaborative process, parents work together to develop a plan for their families that is less of a battle                                                                                  and more about reaching a mutual agreement that benefits everyone.

                                                                          With the help of a team of specialists, couples who go through the collaborative process yield better                                                                                       outcomes and find ways to work with one another instead of fighting. For children, they experience a less                                                                           combative environment and less adverse outcomes.

                                                                          As a child specialist, I am a member of the collaborative team. My role is to help you make better                                                                                               decisions that work for your child(ren). I meet with your child (ren) and gather information that will be                                                                                   helpful to bring back to the collaborative team to help you make meaningful decisions with your                                                                                                 collaborative team.

I am not your child’s therapist and I am not gathering information that is to be used in litigation. I am a support for parents who want to make sure their child(ren)’s needs are met through and after the divorce process.

For more information about the collaborative process, please click on the link below. There, you can find more information about the process and find collaborative attorneys and team members.​