Toni Evans Counseling

​​Blended Families


​                                                                                                                  Did you grow up watching the Brady Bunch like I did? If so, you probably thought                                                                                                                         having a step-family would not be difficult. Maybe you thought: as a couple, you                                                                                                                           love each other; children love having more children around and generally get                                                                                                                                 along. However, now that you have your own Brady Bunch, things are more                                                                                                                                     difficult than they seem. Your family is now complicated and struggling to find                                                                                                                               balance and peace.  

                                                                                                                  It is still true that 50% of marriages end in divorce. However, after divorce, people                                                                                                                     remarry and create new and more complex families: Blended or Step-                                                                                                                                                 Families. Other families that fall into this category are families that are adopting or                                                                                                                   have adopted a child into their family. Foster families are also included.                   


                                                                                                                  Rarely is it discussed as to how a blended family will function. Blended families are                                                                                                                     much different than nuclear families because they bring with them people,                                                                                                                                       children, traditions, rituals and values from past relationships.

 My work with you and your family will focus on creating and organizing a family system that will fit your individual needs as well as the needs of your partner and your children.

We will take a look at your family of origin, your previous relationship and current relationship. We will also discuss the quality and level of functioning with all members of the present and past family. Additionally, it is important to discuss expectations of each member of the family.

Whether the issues you struggle with are conflict between partners and ex’s, or how to discipline the children, or conflict among step-siblings, we can work toward finding solutions.

Therapy with blended families requires meeting with both partners as well as the children involved throughout the process. Although all sessions will not require all members, it is important to note that at some point in time, all members will need to attend a session.