In life, we will experience significant loss and drastic changes. Some loss and transitions require us to seek additional support to help bring about a greater understanding and to help us move through difficult times successfully. We can work to process:

-Sexual assaults

-Violence and crime: witnessed and experienced


Children often struggle with issues that parents find difficult to deal with. At times it is hard to be aware of a child's experience and how they come to understand the world around them and the impact of change. When working with children I can help with issues specific to the individual, family, trauma and:

-Behavioral issues


- Foster care  and adoption issues

I work with children from ages 9 and up. I especially enjoy working with Tweens & Teens.

Toni Evans Counseling



There are options and there are solutions. I would love to work with you regarding the feelings and issues you struggle with. 


The most significant changes can happen when you work with your family. The issues we can address together are:






- Collaborative Divorce, Child Specialists

-Blended families/Step families

adoptive families

For additional information about my work with blended families see page: Family Therapy


My work with you as an individual can cover a number of issues listed below.  

-Grief and loss


-Transitions & adjustments



-Cultural issues

-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder