Toni Evans Counseling

​​Reunification Therapy

For families who have experienced the removal of their child from their life or their home,

or no longer have a relationship with their child(ren), reunification therapy may be

appropriate. Reunification therapy consists of formulating a therapeutic plan in which

parents are provided the opportunity to build functional relationships with their child(ren).

Parents who don’t have a relationship with their child(ren) due to divorce or other life

circumstance, will be able to discuss and create the type of relationship they would like

to have with their child(ren). We also develop a solid sense of the type of parent they would like to be as well as process the grief regarding the loss of the child(ren).

Part of the process may include educating parents about their child(ren)’s experience and expectations since the break in the relationship. We will create opportunities in session to rebuild relationships. A plan for using tools learned in session will be created to lead to positive interactions and to maintain the connection created in therapy. In doing so, we will work with the parent who has had the ongoing relationship, or primary caregiver, to help them adjust to their child(ren)’s recent experiences with the reunified parent. We will also educate the primary caregiver about expectations and address their feelings and concerns in a way that leads to a more well- adjusted child and cooperative parenting.

For families who have had their child(ren) removed by Child Protective Services, you will learn the parenting skills necessary to have your child(ren) back in your home. I am approved to administer two of the states parenting assessment screenings. At the beginning of reunification, parents will be given the screening to assess areas of weakness in their parenting skills. Through therapy, we will build and educate parents about effective parenting skills that are age appropriate. Toward the end of therapy we will reassess for marked improvements. Areas that are lacking will again be addressed before the completion of therapy.

No reunification process is exactly the same. I work with your family to create a plan specific to your needs. Some families may experience a brief process, taking only a few months. Others may have a longer process. Please be aware that I will keep you informed every step of the way to help your family successfully reunify.